Our Education Centres

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step”


Paathshaala is our oldest school and commenced operations in March 2010. Situated in the slums of Sant Nagar, in the vicinity of the Faridabad Railway station, Paathshaala has 30 students under its tutelage. Paathshaala has some of the brightest minds and is buzzing with creativity. We have been able to secure admissions for 45 students at full-time schools and continue to touch lives in one way or another.


Udaan 1

With the success of Paathshaala, we were excited at the prospect of expanding our reaches into a different community and continuing with our mission of eliminating illiteracy. Udaan, was born in April 2012 and is situated near the Magpie Chowk. The school caters to 40 students per year from the community and operates out of a temple in the locality. The lack of infrastructure and amenities at the school, is mitigated by the presence of a dedicated team of volunteers and a full-time teacher, who have pledged their support in carrying forward the mission of AID, Faridabad. We have been able to secure admissions of 50 students in full time school. After running school for 3 years we closed the school as all the children had been admitted in to formal schools.


Udaan 2

Our reaches expands further into a different community and continuing with our mission of eliminating illiteracy. Udaan 2, was born in June 2015 and is situated in Saran Village near the Pyali Chawk. The school serves the underprivileged children of surrounding areas including Dabua colony and Jawahar colony. The school caters to 40 students from the community and operates out at Chaupal in the locality. The shcool is run with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers and a full-time teacher, who have pledged their support in carrying forward the mission of AID, Faridabad. We have been able to secure admissions of 48 students so far in full time school.



Disha, is one of the latest entrant to the AID, Faridabad family which started operations in Aug 2014. Like the rest of our schools, Disha is teeming with life. With close to 70 students per year, Disha is situated at a slum in Sector-17 and has shown outstanding progress since its inception. The school draws inspiration from the Gurukul form of education and imparts education to its students under a Banyan tree. We believe in humble beginnings and Disha reflects our core values in their truest sense. We have already built a strong bond with the community around and have gathered local support to expand the operations of this school in the coming years. 70 students have already secured admissions into full time schools till date.


Prabha – a ray of light from the new horizon

Students at Prabha

Students at Prabha

The incredible energy and enthusiasm of our volunteers at Disha and Udaan has drawn many new people towards us enabling us to spread smiles through education across Faridabad. Prabha, now functional since June 2016, is our new school located in Sector-45, Faridabad. With the generous support from the landlord, the school is functioning from a storeroom catering the needs of four colonies of daily-wage employees, maid servants and construction labourers which house over 150 children deprived of formal education. Our aim is to see that no child is left behind and we hope to bring all these kids to mainstream education system soon.



Class in Progress

Aspire: Class in Progress

It is a new initiative focused at bright and meritorious students of Class-V and Class–X from underprivileged families. There is a team of qualified professionals who will help these students in their studies through weekend classes based on pre-designed, well-defined and time-bound curriculum. The project aims to improve quality of education being imparted, particularly in government schools, and tries to offset the disadvantage to the students of underprivileged children who cannot afford to pay for tuition’s. The objective for choosing Class-X is to help them score good marks in 10th board level exams so as to enable them for seeking good quality higher/vocational education. Class-V has been similarly selected as a focus area because they will be provided required special coaching to prepare for entrance exams for good government schools like Navodaya Vidyalaya. (Navodaya Vidyalayas are residential government schools under MHRD, Govt of India. Details can be found at http://www.nvshq.org/news_home.php)

Aspire is no longer operational.



Muskaan, was opened in July 2017 and is situated in the slums near “Kheri pul” area. The school had 40+ children enrolled in it within a week of it being operational. The school was opened and is run with dedicated efforts of our volunteers and the help of the local community.


Class in Progress

Pragati: Class in Progress

a new step towards helping who really need help. 

Pragati is a new addition in mission to raise our society and country from our volunteers & donators. Pragati is a new school opened in Aug 2018 near Krishna Colony near Bata Metro Station. Pragati has approx 50 childern.



The known one,our one of the latest addition aiming to spread awareness and knowledge amongst the children of Gadhakhol basti behind Omaxe forest spa near green field colony, Sector 43 in Faridabad has been functional since June 2018. We have around 30 students of varied age groups who are getting brighter and happier everyday with our focussed efforts to educate them. Here we aim to mould these kids into healthier, happier and educated citizens by providing them education congruous with play .