Mode of Operations



“Our close association with the local community has been our greatest strength”

– Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Founder.

We initiate the establishment of our schools by spreading awareness about education in the targeted community. The socio-economic status of these communities has been a deterrent in promoting education among the children and parents often lack the will to support their child’s education. Through our awareness programs, we intend to create a paradigm shift in the mindset of these individuals and expose them to the advantages of having a good education. Our team of volunteers identifies families with children between the ages of 3-10 and those who have had no formal education in their lifetime. We then take on the task of counseling their parents and educating them about our model. We ensure that parents are fully aware of our methodology and it is absolutely essential to have their complete co-operation before embarking upon a life-long association with AID, Faridabad.



Once we have the support of the parents and a requisite number of students, we scout for a qualified and dedicated teacher, who is capable of handling a classroom with students of varying ages and well versed with primary education. Our foremost challenge is to get these students at par with standardized education and subsequently kick-start their formal education at a regular school. Classes are held for four hours every day and students are taught subjects in the areas of Language, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies. We try to recreate the experience of a fully-functional classroom by teaching them standardized coursework, which is tailored as per the need of each student and carrying out group activities to foster close bonds among the student community. In our endeavor to provide the children with an experience of a lifetime, we make sure students celebrate their education like the rest of their peers, who are fortunate enough to study at full-time school.



We monitor the progress of each student and once we realize that a particular child is fit to be admitted to a regular school, the student begins the final phase of his or her journey with us. We find a suitable school and look for various avenues to fund the child’s education and needs. We make special efforts by serving as a liaison in between the school administration and the parents and carrying out the necessary formalities. We closely follow each student, even after they have commenced education at a formal school and ensure that the child continues to gather quality education throughout his or her lifetime.