We at AID, Faridabad have pledged to bring education to the doorstep of every opportunity deprived child in the city. Our volunteers work round the clock to realize this objective and maximize our presence across various communities. We have adopted a carefully crafted approach in carrying out our mission and hope to bring forth positive change to the society through our actions.

We encourage parents in the targeted communities to send their children to our education centres. This requires an education of why and how an education is beneficial for the child as well as them in the future. The centres are located in the communities only so that our reach is wide and transparent. The structure on which these communities are built requires us to educate and convince the parents to not only send their child to our education centers but also to encourage them to be motivated enough so that they let the child complete the education as due to various economic and/or social barriers, the child is often required to stay out of school. We try to empower the children and solve the problems they might be facing which cause a hindrance to their education. Once the child is with us, our volunteers and teachers help the child learn the basics he/she requires to get admitted to a school. We locate a school and help the child in the whole admission process. Once the kid starts his/her schooling, we ensure they have the supplies and material required for the same.