“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step”

Paathshaala is our oldest school and commenced operations in XXXX. Situated in the slums of Sant Nagar, in the vicinity of the Faridabad Railway station, Paathshaala has XXX students under its tutelage. The school has students between the ages of X and Y, and runs for seven days a week, under the guidance of a single dedicated teacher. Paathshaala has some of the brightest minds and is buzzing with creativity. We have been able to secure admissions for A students at full-time schools and continue to touch lives in one way or another.



The school is run under the guidance of Ms. X who has been with us for the past Y years. She has mentored more than Z students and Paathshaala is indebted to her unconditional support. Ms. X is passionate about her role and foresees a bright future for the kids. She had humble beginnings in the city of A, and managed to break the shackles of hardships by educating herself from a local government college. She serves as a perennial source of inspiration for the children and her past has helped her understand the needs of the children. We are fortunate to have X on our team and look forward to her contributions in the achievement of our mission.



We have time and again come across students who are fighting against the odds at a young age to uplift themselves out of destitution. They have entrusted us with helping them but our mission is not truly realized without the efforts of these bright minds. Paathshaala, has a few notable achievers who we believe are going to make it big in life and we are helping them in every way possible.

Muskaan is one such student. Muskaan is the daughter of a ABC and her family has no constant source of income. Muskaan started with us in ZZZZ and quickly engaged herself in the classroom. She has realized that education is the answer to all her concerns and has made stellar progress with every passing year. She was able to secure admission at XXXX and AID, Faridabad has supported her ever since. We both have grown so fond of each other that it is hard to let go, so she attends Paathshaala everyday in the morning and then attends her regular school in the afternoon. In fact, Muskaan has influenced the younger ones at school and now assists the teacher in teaching the naughty ones a thing or two about discipline. We are proud of you Muskaan.

Muskaan and many more are looking for prospective donors, willing to sponsor their education. Check out the Donor section for more details.


With the success of Paathshaala, we were excited at the prospect of expanding our reaches into a different community and continuing with our mission of eliminating illiteracy. Udaan, was born in XXXX and is situated near the Magpie Chowk. The school caters to X students from the community and operates out of a temple in the locality. The lack of infrastructure and amenities at the school, is mitigated by the presence of a dedicated team of volunteers and a full-time teacher, who have pledged their support in carrying forward the mission of AID, Faridabad.


Disha, is the latest entrant to the AID, Faridabad family. Like the rest of our schools, Disha is teeming with life. With X students, Disha is situated at a slum in Sector-17 and has shown outstanding progress since its inception. The school draws inspiration from the Gurukula form of education and imparts education to its students under a Banyan tree. We believe in humble beginnings and Disha reflects our core values in their truest sense. We have already built a strong bond with the community around and have gathered local support to expand the operations of this school in the coming years.