It is an exciting time to come join us at AID, Faridabad. We are expanding into more communities and streamlining operations at present schools. We are seeking passionate individuals who are willing to contribute up to 2-3 hours a week to our cause and help us achieve our mission. We request you to get in touch with us for a more detailed explanation on volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers may contribute in one or more are of interests mentioned below :

1) Classroom Operation

This is by far the most challenging and fun-filled role at AID, Faridabad. We throw open our classrooms on the weekend for our volunteers to take the students through sessions on a related area. Volunteers can chose any mode of delivery after coordinating with the school teacher to understand the true needs of the students.

Volunteers serving under this wing may also chose to contribute to
– building a detailed classroom curriculum
– training the teacher and follow up of students.
– organizing field trips
– organizing an informative session (health, safety, self-defense etc)

2) Relationship Management

Volunteers will be typically interfacing with local schools, parents and the community around to secure admissions for our students. Volunteers would also be responsible for

-spreading awareness in the local community on the benefits of education
-expand the classroom strengths
-liaison with local schools, administrative bodies
-seek new modes of funding for the school
-research new areas in the city to expand organizational presence.

3) On-line Marketing

With the advent of technology, it is absolutely mandatory to maintain a strong online presence. We are looking for creative minds who can come up with innovative publicity techniques to support our cause. The team of volunteers would be responsible for

– Managing the Facebook, twitter handle, google+ etc pages.
– Advertising campaigns to expand volunteer base
– Publishing student profiles to seek donations